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Hürriyet Mah. Akçaağaç Çıkmazı Sok. No: 4 D: 1 / Kağıthane / İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 212 224 4028
Hall: 4
Stand: 419 A
Product Groups
  • Revolving Doors
  • Anti-Panic Doors
  • Hospital and Operating Theatre Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Side Sliding Automatic Door Mechanisms

Çilingiroğlu was founded in 1988 and since then has been manufacturing and assembling with its own profile systems in the automatic door area. The company is one of the leading brands of Turkey with its rapidly developing production, R&D activities and has proved its superiority not only in Turkey but also in world markets with its export to 28 countries and 42 worldwide dealer. With its extensive network of branches in Turkey, the company offers its products and services to retailers, architects, engineers, builders and other consumers in Turkey and the world. Our vast product line includes our own designs of automatic revolving doors, telescopic doors, and circular sliding doors. Çilingiroğlu owns the patent rights for its products in aluminum profiles, barrier systems and circular sliding doors all of which fulfills ISO, CE, TSE standards. Vision Our vision is to satisfy our customers needs in domestic and international markets with our original designs, technological level and a professional team which will comply with global standards. Mission Our mission is to increase the quality of our products to the highest possible level as well as to build a professional team that enjoys serving our customers needs all the time. Countries That We Export Belgium, Russia, Tunisia, Algeria, Germany, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, Georgia, Cyprus, Kosovo, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Romania, Austria, Kyrgyzstan, Dubai, Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, Qatar, United States Of America.

Automatic Revolving DoorRevolving Door

The automatic revolving door continues to be produced by Çilingiroglu automatic door systems with 42 dealers, export to 28 countries and 30 years experience by the leader company of the sector. The automatic revolving door is one of the most preferred door systems for relieving human traffic in buildings where the entrance-exit intensity is high. At the same time, it aesthetically completes the architectural facades of the buildings and provides flawless solutions to demand when flamboyant entrances are needed. In addition, due to the air permeability provided by the wings, it provides superior thermal insulation by distinguishing between indoor and outdoor environments. The fully rotating ceiling area ensures uniform distribution of light, leaving no brush marks and hidden sensors provide a non-crowded presentation and clear lines from top to bottom. Depending on the request, a door that closes the gates at nights, provides a stylish solution for top-notch safety.

Automatic Sliding DoorAutomatic Telescopic Sliding Door

Telescopic sliding door units have been developed to enable the building s exterior and interior entrances to be used in the widest openings. Telescopic sliding doors are a great solution in places where the space is not available to the normal sliding door. It is possible to open in single or double direction, by sliding on the wall or its own fixed. Telescopic doors offer ideal solution possibilities for application areas with corridor type restricted width measurements by sliding two wings in one direction and four wings in a two direction. The automatic telescopic sliding door system is the ideal system for narrow entry. These systems open the sliding wings relative to each other at relative speeds. At the entrances where other sliding door systems can not provide the necessary clearance space, the telescopic sliding doors eliminate the problem of sliding due to sliding wings on each other.

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