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Modern Keresteciler Sanayi Sitesi Nazım Ercan Bulvarı No: 66 Sarayköy / Kahramankazan / ANKARA / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 555 684 7995
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  • Internal and External Doors for Houses

About Us Eyfor Aluminium is an aluminium manufacturing company established in 2006. It stands out in the sector with its customer-oriented approach and high quality products. Times Doors Aluminium Door Company was established in 2020 as a subsidiary of Eyfor Aluminium. Times Doors is a leader in the aluminium door industry with its innovative designs and high quality products. The company offers a wide range of products such as special request aluminium villa entrance doors and shop doors. All products are manufactured in Eyfor Aluminium s modern facilities using the latest technologies and unique aluminium materials. All aluminium profiles used are patented and specially manufactured on behalf of Time s Door s. Eyfor Aluminium stands out in the sector with its quality products and focused approach to customer satisfaction. By following the latest technologies in the sector, it offers its customers the highest quality aluminium products. At the same time, it aims to gain the trust of its customers by offering solutions to meet their needs. Both Eyfor Aluminium and Times Doors constantly renew themselves to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. They offer their customers an excellent aluminium product experience with their quality products and impressive designs. Our Vision To add value to the lives of our customers by offering the best products in the aluminium villa entrance door sector and to be known as a leading company in the sector. Our Mission To continuously research and use innovative technologies and materials to produce and supply high quality, durable, aesthetic and safe aluminium villa entrance doors to our customers. By determining customer satisfaction as our primary goal, to respond diligently to the demands and needs of our customers and to bring them together with the most suitable door models. By endeavouring for the happiness, training and development of our employees, we see them as our most valuable asset. At the same time, by giving importance to ethical values and social responsibility, we want to have a respected place in society and to be an exemplary company in our sector.

TDP-1200Aluminium Pivot Panel Door

TDP-1200 Pivot Doors Bringing Innovation and Aesthetics Together! We are proud to present you our TDP-1200 pivot doors designed to make your life more comfortable and stylish. These doors, which add spaciousness and a modern touch to your spaces with 120mm width, instantly change the atmosphere of your home or workplace with its advanced design. Features: Wide range of colours and materials: TDP-1200 pivot doors offer a wide range of colours and different material options to suit your style. Does modern minimalism end or does a classic look continue? You can personalise your spaces with options suitable for your taste and space. Durability and Safety: High quality TDP-1200 pivot doors provide long-lasting use. It also protects your homes or workplaces with its robust structure and security-oriented design. Space Saving: Pivot doors, which take up less space than traditional hinged doors, can be used easily even in narrow spaces. It helps you to utilise your space in the best way. Unique Pivot Mechanism: One of the attention ranges of TDP-1200 doors is the special pivot options that allow it to move smoothly and silently. This feature combines silence and comfort during use. Easy Installation and Maintenance: TDP-1200 pivot doors have a simple and user-friendly installation system. Also enjoy long-term use thanks to low maintenance conditions. Why TDP-1200 Pivot Doors? TDP-1200 pivot doors, which combine design, joining and joining together, add a special touch to your living spaces. With modern and stylish design, long-lasting use and easy joining, TDP-1200 pivot doors fit perfectly into your lifestyle. You can choose our TDP-1200 pivot doors to restructure and beautify your homes, offices or commercial spaces.

TD-950Aluminium Panel Door

TD-950 Hinged Aluminum Panel Doors Combining Aesthetics and Durability! We are excited to bring you our TD-950 hinged aluminum panel doors designed to add an elegant touch and durability to your living spaces. Offering a modern appeal to your spaces with a width of 95mm, these doors combine stylish design and functionality. Features: Stylish Design and Variety: TD-950 doors blend into your spaces with their elegant appearance and different color and pattern options. The modern lines of these doors help you reflect the style of your home or workplace. Aluminum Material Advantage: High quality aluminum material offers the possibility of use with its lightness while increasing the increase of the doors. Our doors provide reliable service for many years. Hinged Structure: The traditional hinged construction of TD-950 doors provides a robust and reliable door experience. Smooth intermittent opening and closing intervals. Heat and Sound Insulation: Aluminum panels help you create a comfortable living space thanks to thermal insulation and sound insulation. Reduces outside noise while saving energy. Easy Maintenance: The aluminum surface has an easy-to-clean structure. This feature keeps your doors looking clean and well-maintained for a long time.

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